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Cut Em High.....

Next March is months away, however we all know what March means: spring. Spring sneaks up on us and suddenly it is already time for the first grass cut of the new season. Spring also means rain and just as you would guess, rain means tall grass. A common misconception is that since it is the first cut, completely scalping your turf is the way to go. This is definitely not the case, especially here in Ohio! In consideration to our changing climate, we must be weary of how we cut our grass.

The ideal grass height here in our climate would be 3 to 3.5 inches in the spring and 3.5-4 inches in the summer. There are many reasons for why we must keep some extra length on turf. Most importantly, grass vitality is a huge reason. If you cut your grass too short, you could potentially damage the crown. The crown is the growth point of a blade of grass. If you damage the crown, the turf’s vitality lowers drastically. Grass needs protection in order to conduct photosynthesis. Another thing to keep in mind is the likelihood of an unexpected frost during the early spring. If there is a frost, the grass will likely be damaged and could take a very long time to recover.

Besides grass vitality, there are many more reasons to spare a few inches on your turf. One reason would be that it will be easier to control during the summer. Also, having plusher, thick turf will aid in pushing out weeds. Cutting regularly, but not too short, will induce growth and help prevent weeds.

Overall, taller grass enables your grass to be pest free and healthy. Rather than scalping it, keep a couple inches. This will keep your yard from being weed ridden and it will be more aesthetically pleasing. If you want a beautifully mowed and manicured turf at your commercial property, give us a call at Brunner’s Lawn and Services at (937) 681-4859.

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