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Let's Talk Commercial Landscape Installs

Landscape Installs

Commercial Landscape, as well as, Residential Landscape installs are very important at Brunner’s Lawn
and Services, ltd. Because they are our work of art and it gives you fantastic curb appeal. Each
landscape install that we do has the 7 core elements of Landscape Design factored in. The principles of
landscape design include the elements of unity, scale, balance, simplicity, variety, emphasis, and
sequence as they apply to line, form, texture, and color. These elements are interconnected.
There is so much more to Landscaping than just mulching your flower beds. As mentioned above, those
7 core elements are vital to any install. You can count on Brunner’s Lawn and Services to correctly install
your landscape oasis. Some may ask why? And we always respond, “Because satisfaction really does

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