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Let's Talk Commercial Lawn Mowing

Commercial Lawn Mowing

Commercial Lawn Mowing is a very important service at Brunner’s Lawn and Services, ltd. Because it is
so important, we are consistently replacing old mowers with new, changing and sharpening blades daily,
and keeping our crews trained on proper techniques. We understand that grass cutting heights need to
be lowered to 3”-3.25” in the spring and raised to 3.5” or 4” in the summer time. These small

adjustments will keep the crown of your turf healthy all season long.

But wait, there is more. Commercial Lawn Mowing isn’t just about cutting grass. Commercial Lawn
Mowing also includes proper edging, trimming, and blow off / clean up. You can trust that Brunner’s
Lawn and Service’s will properly care for your commercial lawn. Some may ask why? And we always
respond, “Because satisfaction really does matter.”

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