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Changes, Perseverance, and Hope

In the world we are living in today, many of us have had a difficult time adjusting to our lifestyle changes. Whether that may be staying at home all day, the need to stretch your wallet, or simply that craving of being within 6 ft of a friend; it has been a difficult adjustment for almost everyone. All of us have had to decide whether to let this get the best of us, or to persevere instead. When it comes down to it that’s all we can really do; make that decision.

It may be easy to acknowledge all of the things you miss, but I challenge all of us, myself included, to be thankful for what we still have and what we have gained. We have gained perspective and knowledge that otherwise many of us never would have found. Many of us have gained patience, which in a way has been forced on us.Above all else, those who are blessed enough, should be grateful for the good health of our friends and family.

Personally, I am grateful that I still have the opportunity to come into work and be productive. This time has led to new ideas for how we can digitally market Brunner’s so that we may better reach and serve our clients. You can still find ways to succeed during this time. If you don’t like the world around you then channel your time into something positive either for yourself, or others. Come out of this a better person than you were before.

It is important to think of how this will impact our lives once this is “over”. Realize that although tomorrow brings hope, everything will not just go right back to how it was. We still need to persevere and take the actions necessary to continue our progress. What have you learned from 2020 so far? Have you learned how to persevere and adapt in the face of trouble? Have you learned to cherish your time with friends? I hope that as we slowly transition back to normal we come out of this more grateful and prepared.

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