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Core Values.......

At Brunner’s, we care about our team members, our clients, and our own families. Values are very important. Values can change in our society as the times change. At Brunner’s Lawn and Services, ltd, we feel there are three core values that matter the most. Those values are integrity, dependability, and respect.

One of the partners at Brunner’s is a veteran of the military. In the military those three values could make or break you during service. We have found that the same is true for a service industry type business like ours. A client must be able to trust a vendor while out at their property. A client must also trust that their vendor is going to put their best interest first, within reason. A client must also know that the crews on their property will relay information back to the management staff to resolve issues. These are all important things that Brunner’s cherishes.

Over the next couple of blogs we will discuss all of these values in depth. We are going to focus on individual values to inform our clients why we do and how we do what we do. Therefore, if you want to get to know Brunner’s a little more; share, like, and comment on our posts. Thanks for reading.

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