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How do you define dependability? How do you rate dependability relative to the service industry? At Brunner’s, dependability is our second core value listed in our mission statement. Just because it is positioned second doesn’t mean it rates above or below any of our other three values. All our values rate equally. Dependability is a trait that we feel sets us apart from our competition.

When I (Gary) was in the military, being dependable was very important on the battlefield. The whole team leaned upon each other to ensure safety and protection. You had to know your brother or sister had your back and you had to have theirs as well. This is easily converted to business and leading teams in the civilian world. My team has to depend on me to lead them and help them grow as I have to depend on them to perform high quality work and to help me grow. Our client partners have to depend on us to complete their services with the utmost quality and we depend on them to pay on time and also to voice concerns for improvement. When a client voices criticism they have to know that we are going to fix the problem. Dependability also is also important at home. Our families have to depend on us to provide income to support their essential needs and we must depend on them to comfort us in our times of need.

As you can see, dependability is an essential part of being a good human being. If others around you can count on you when they need you, life can be very rewarding. Our next blog will be about our third and final core value, respect. We hope you enjoyed this read. God bless.

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