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Did Someone Say Shrub Trimming....

Shrub health is an important service offered at Brunner’s Lawn and Services, Ltd. It is important for a couple reasons; 1) to prevent overgrowth, 2) better cosmetic appeal to a property, 3) for overall health of a shrub. It is important to know when and how to trim shrubs.

Roses, Boxwoods, Taxis, Burning Bushes, and Barberry are the most common shrubs that we deal with on a daily basis. All of these have peak times of growth. If you trim a Boxwood in the fall or winter months it may damage or kill the plant. Rose bushes should be trimmed when temperatures are well above freezing. Rose bushes should be hand pruned. We understand the importance of timing at Brunner’s because we have over fifty cumulative years of experience pruning shrubs and care about their health.

We also install new shrubs for clients. We cannot stress enough the importance of having healthy plants at install, therefore, all of our plant stock comes from licensed and certified local nurseries. We also warranty all plants for ninety days to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Like all of our other services, shrub trimming is an important part of a client’s landscape. We promise to care for, trim properly, and install all shrubs that we encounter. You can trust that Brunner’s Lawn and Services, ltd. will treat your property like our own. Why? Because at our company, satisfaction matters.

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