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What is integrity? According to the dictionary, Integrity means “the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.” I think Integrity is more than that. I think Integrity defines a person. An individual with no integrity is an individual that struggles in life. Integrity is a value that should always be taught to our youth and it should be focused on often.

At Brunner’s, integrity is the first trait we look for in a team member. It is important that we can trust team members at client properties and know that they will relay any and all information to office staff.

Just how do you confirm the integrity of a team member? First off, dishonest team members identify themselves early on at Brunner’s. It is not hard to distinguish the integrity of a person when you are a small company. Every team member is crucial and if a cog breaks, the whole wheel crashes. For the most part, team members who are dishonest do not last on our team very long.

We feel that it is important to me to have the ability to leave funds in large quantities out on a desk and know that it will be there in the morning. Trust is everything and we must trust OUR team so that our clients can have a vendor to believe in. That my friends is the importance of integrity at Brunner’s Lawn and Services, ltd. Stay tuned for our next piece on dependability. And remember, at Brunner’s, satisfaction matters.

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