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Introducing Our Leading Lady: Haylie Brunner

We want to take a moment to recognize our Rockstar Team Leader, Haylie Brunner. Her dedication and hard work have not gone unnoticed, and we are so grateful to have her as part of our team.

Haylie's passion for landscaping and mowing started at a young age, thanks to her father, Josh Brunner, who is one of our partners. From a toddler on a mower to a skilled team leader currently running crews in the field, Haylie has shown incredible commitment and leadership.

I am going to gloat a second though. I am so incredibly proud of Haylie, not only because she has worked from the ground up to where she is today, but because she is my niece. From the first time I held her as an infant to having to tell her to stop yapping her jaws as an adult, Haylie has always been very special to me.

So, what set’s Haylie apart from others on our team? Well, Haylie has been bleeding lawn mowing since she took her first breath. Her grandfather Larry and her father Josh had worked the business on the side when she was born. When Josh and I took Brunner’s full time in 2010, the little seven-year-old girl would love to sit on her daddy’s lap and ride on the 52” Toro Z Master that we had at the time.

Now as I watch her lead grown men, and not because they have to but because they want to, it brings a tear to my eye. To see that little girl turn into a hard-working blue-collar woman makes all of us partners at Brunner’s extremely proud.

The great Jim Collins talks in his book “Good to Great” about getting the right people on the bus to be successful in business. I would say we have the right person on the bus. Thank you, Haylie Brunner, we are so proud of all you have been, currently are, and will continue to be.

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