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Now hiring. That is a very common saying today. Why is that? It is because there are a lot of jobs available in the Dayton market place. The same is true at Brunner’s Lawn and Services, ltd. We have a lot of positions available. We have entry level grounds maintenance and entry level landscaping positions. Of course we are always looking for talent in leading. Whether a position is open or not, a good leader is always encouraged to apply.

Although lawn and landscaping is a seasonal career, it can be very rewarding. There is a lot to be said about turning a property into a work of art. At Brunner’s, we care about the quality work given to our client partners. We the right coaching, a team member can become a true artisan at our company. We also pride ourselves as a great place to work. We want team members, not employees. A team will always succeed and we want to always build on that.

If anyone reading this knows of an individual interested in learning a trade, send them to Brunner’s Lawn and Services, ltd. We are an equal opportunity employer and will always give every American a fair shot for employment. We are always accepting applications. Give us a call (937) 681-4859.

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