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Our Machines....

Lawn mowers are essential to Brunner’s productivity while performing turf maintenance services. We use a variety of different lawn mowers to ensure a perfect cut every time. These mowers include brands such as: John Deere, Exmark, and Toro. Our crews uses four different types of mowers with different deck widths, depending on turf terrain. Walk behind, stand on and sit down mowers are the different types of mowers that we utilize. Each mower is used for a variety of reasons and all offer distinct functions.

Walk behind mowers are probably what most clients are familiar with. These mowers are pretty versatile and can withstand several obstacles. They are also very useful for steep inclines. These types of mowers are considerably durable and have been proven to last the test of time. Walk behind mowers have the ability to place wheels on the back to increase speed and efficiency. All of our walk behind mowers are made by Exmark. These mowers provide a consistent cut on different sloped terrains and are easier to control in dangerous conditions. These machines, as with all our mowers, have the ability to switch mowing heights depending on the property being serviced. Of all of our mowers, these are the least used and the least comfortable

Riding mowers are another type of turf equipment that we use. These machines are very different than our walk behind equipment. Of all of our lawn mowers, these are the most comfortable. They are extremely easy to maneuver and require very little effort. Large open areas can be serviced very quickly with these machines with very little effort. We purchase these mowers from John Deere with a 60” cutting width to provide higher quality at a quicker speed. These mowers can change mowing heights with very little effort and give a quality cut that our customers prefer.

Another type of mowing equipment that we use are stand on lawn mowers. These machines are our most used and most versatile in our fleet. We use Toro Grandstands and John Deere Quick Traks as our stand on units. The units provide quality cuts at a quick pace. They have the ability to get into confined spaces, similar to the walk behind lawn mower, without ever getting off the piece of machinery. That being said, it also has the advantage of comfort, similar to that of the riding lawn mower.

The final type of mower we use is the good ole’ fashioned push mower. We us push mowers in areas that are too small for a large machine. Push mowers are also use when a large machine is overkill on a property. These machines are only equipped with 21” decks and take a long time to mow large properties. These small mowers are very versatile, but are only used in certain situations.

As you see we operate four different types of mowing machines. All of the machines have chute blockers. The chute blockers prevent grass spray in unwanted areas. We also sharpen our blades regularly to provide a quality cut at all times. All of these mowers are very important in the conducting our regular services. We use the right piece of equipment for the different situations that may arise on a client-partners property. That is one of the many things that set Brunner’s Lawn and Services, ltd apart from the competition.

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