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Landscape Tips For The 2022 Season

Lets talk Landscaping trends for the 2022 Spring and Summer Seasons. We have found that these trends are a direct result of the current times in which we live. We are seeing that homeowners want to be able to pamper themselves at home, while being able to help preserve the planet at the same time. Some evolved out of enforced confinement to our homes during the Covid-19 pandemic. Others have more of an aesthetic origin. Last year’s experimentation with gardening has led to bolder color, increased comfort and convenience, and the realization that we’re not the only ones using the land.

  1. Edible Gardening - farm-to-table gardening, the age-old trend of growing your own food is bigger than ever.

  2. Wildlife Watering Hole - (AKA Bird Bath)….water features—which are predicted to be big this year—that allow wildlife to safely drink. Plant shrubs or fruiting trees, to nourish wildlife and entice pollinators.

  3. Climate - It’s particularly important in hot, dry, fire-prone regions to incorporate xeriscaping and use native and drought-tolerant plants. Reduce the number of sap-filled plants that could fuel fire

  4. Cycles of Life - Recycling and upcycling are part of today’s eco-consciousness. Many are crushing material to use for pathways, recycling diverts items from landfills and reducing their carbon footprint. Pallets are becoming screens to hide AC units. Old windows for cold frames. Plastic water bottles for cloches to protect seedlings from wind and cold. And the list goes on!

  5. Going Native - Native plants attract local pollinators and support regional wildlife. They’re an important element in any xeriscaping plan, which helps to reduce water usage.

  6. Tropical Twist - While native plants impart environmental benefits, tropical plants evoke psychological benefits. Some plants, such as hardy hibiscus, hostas, ferns(my favorite), yuccas, and certain bamboos look tropical but are cold hardy. Summer bulbs such as canna lilies, caladiums, Colocasia, and elephant ears impart a tropical look. You can always take your houseplants outside for the summer, or pick up some favorites like bird of paradise, palms, and bougainvillea at the local nursery for your “stay-cation.”

  7. Tones and Rich Colors - Whether you’re picking out tropical plants, bulbs, annuals, or perennials, this is the year to choose bold, vibrant colors in daring jewel tones to add positive energy to your landscape. Red, orange, magenta, lime, and deep purple are expected to be the colors of choice.

  8. Inside Out - Since most of the world has spent much of the past 2 years at home, homeowners have begun to blur the lines between inside and outside by building outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, and pergolas that can be curtained off to create a private room. Some elaborate outdoor living rooms even include televisions, refrigerators, and outdoor sofas. Tall shrubs strategically planted add privacy, while strings of lights add ambiance.

  9. Spatial Smarts - Not everyone has a large yard, but that doesn’t have to limit landscaping choices. Small spaces can make a big impact. Gardening is going vertical with living walls—and even up on the roof. Balcony gardens are back in a big way, thanks to window boxes and stackable planting. Using smaller-scale outdoor furniture or pieces that incorporate storage amplify the room. Multipurpose spaces make good use of small lots.

  10. Health and Happiness - Outdoor rooms help promote hygge, a Danish w

word that means contentment and warmth—in other words, well-being, happiness, and health. It’s a buzzword that gained steam during the pandemic and is an idea still going strong. In the landscape, the hygge concept means adding features that invite intimate gatherings of friends and family. Those features can include, a fire pit, lush plants, soft lighting, cozy spot to relax, a space to gather and eat, as well as a water feature.

Schools Out For The Summer!

School's out for the Summer, well in this case, High School is over for these kiddos as they graduate. They will be re-joining the Brunner's crew again this season for another fun filled Summer of throwing mulch and cutting grass!

Haylie is graduating from West Carrollton High School, she is the daughter of Josh and Monica. Haylie is the oldest of 3. She has a bubbly personality and will tell you like it is, that is what we love about her. No sugar coating with this chick! Haylie is off to do amazing things in this next chapter of her life and we cant wait to see where her adventures take her. Haylie is going to continue her education at Wright State University for a degree in social work. Her goal is to leave college with a degree and as little debt as possible. Congratulations Haylie! We are SOO very proud of you!

Congratulations Tyler! Wishing you the best of luck in your next chapter. We are so very proud of you!

Christian Carr graduates this Saturday from Dayton Technology Design High School and he plans to go to college to earn a degree in Business. Congratulation Christian! We wish the best of luck in your next chapter!

Hunter VanAusdoll is graduating from West Carrollton High School. Wishing you the best of luck in your next chapter! Congratulations Hunter!

*No Photo available*

We are so very proud of all of our graduates. We know that they will do great things and achieve anything that they put their mind to! Congratulations to the Class of 2022!!

June's Rock Stars!

Crew Member Rockstar

June's Rockstar of the month is an individual that has overcome many obstacles in the last few years. He is an excellent example of someone with exceptional work performance. This guy can crack a joke about anything and I mean anything! Jacob Hoskins will be promoted mid month to Team Lead of a lawn crew, a position that is much deserved. Jacob has been with Brunner's for just over 2 years and in those 2 years he has jumped in more times that we can count to help where ever he is needed. We are super proud of Jacob, and all that he has achieved, here at Brunners and outside of work.

Congratulations Jacob!!!

Admin Rockstar

June's Admin Rockstar has a laugh that is contagious, if he laughs, you do as well. He loves to come in from a hot day in the field and get his candy fix from the bag of Swedish Fish that sits next to a jar of candy. This guy loves his family and his kiddo is his world. Him and his other half have another one on the way! YAY for babies! This team leader is a hard worker and an excellent Team Leader that is moving from Turf to Landscape!! That division of Brunner's will be lucky to have him that is for sure! Congratulations Ryan for many things, your promotion, Rockstar of the month and your little one that will be here in a couple of months! This spotlight is well deserved!

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