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R_E_S_P_E_C_T is not just a fantastic song by Aretha Franklin, respect is a value that should be taught to all children so they can teach other children when they are adults. The idea of respect is important in our society. Without respect, there is no integrity and there is no dependability. Respect is the final value honored by our company.

As a child, my grandfather always made sure that I had manners. Every response to a question asking adult was yes mam or yes sir. There was no compromise. There was no singing at the dinner table. And you never greeted or said farewell to anyone without a handshake. As I have grown older, I find that these are important traits that have impacted my personality. It is crucial that I try to implant this value in my family as well as in my team.

Most people have stories like the example I shared about my grandfather. Those who do not, know all about the golden rule “treat others as you would want to be treated.” I find that goes a long way when dealing with client members. Most times, respect reciprocates from clients and vendors regardless of the situation. Unfortunately, there are some clients that are unreasonable and could care less about respecting anyone that they engage. I must admit, disrespect sometimes reciprocates as well. I would be a liar if I said that I had never argued or been disrespectful. I feel we are human and we must know that we make mistakes, but we also must try to strive for excellence. Do not forget that excellence is never achieved alone. The only way you achieve excellence is by respecting others.

Thanks for reading this little series on Brunner’s core values. We will be writing multiple pieces every week for people to get to know us and to also receive some of our tips for a fantastic lawn and landscape. Be safe and love one another.

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