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Social Media, Snow, February Rock Star!

Lets Talk Snow Removal

2021 was a year of shortages and 2022 doesn't look any better, right now everyone is feeling the effects of the Labor shortage, that includes us. When the snow hits, at some point this weekend, please be kind, we are just as short staffed as everyone else. More than often these conditions are unsafe for individuals to be out and about, take this time to watch a movie with your kids or drink a cup of coffee and enjoy the quiet. While you are enjoying the extra down time, we are striving to clean off your sidewalks and parking lots, as fast as, we can to make them safe for you. While we are working our routes, be kind. If you see us out, please be courteous to us, more than likely we have been up for a long time working very hard to make sure you, our customers are satisfied and taken care of. Please give us some grace.


Social Media

10 years ago the thought of using social media for small business was thought to be absurd. That was until the rise of the giants like Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. The boom of social media influencers and content creators have opened the doors for new opportunities. Social media has evolved into a legitimate way for brands to reach their customers like never before. For small businesses and startups, in particular, there is a world of opportunity in that realm of hashtags, comments and likes.

This playground of social media unites all demographics. It offers free access to such a vast audience of potential customers for any product, including ours.

Don't shoot yourself in the foot thinking that social media is only for the business that has thousands of dollars to spare, not true at all. On the contrary, social media platforms provide an opportunity for small brands to grow and engage with a close-knit community of both present and future customers.

For us social media, allows us to spread information about our business in a quick and cost-efficient manner to potentially reach millions of people with our message.

What social media platform do you follow us on? Did you know that we are on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and TikTok? Below are the links to follow us on our platforms!


Our February Rock Star of the Month is:

Jacob Carnes

Being recognized for one’s talents are extremely important to an individual’s confidence as well as a company’s overall health. This month was one of the hardest for our staff to pick a Rock Star because our team has grown so much personally and professionally. Since there can only be one February Rock Star, we have chosen Jacob Carnes to receive this illustrious title.

Jacob has worked for Brunners Lawn and Service’s since 2018. Jacob is a dependable Team Leader who is extremely smart and witty. He is always stepping up and taking charge with the guys in the shop. Jacob is like a well oil machine, he knows what needs to be done and how to direct his teammates to get it done. Jacob always has something funny to say. His boss and co-workers say he is "pretty damn funny"

We all need that one guy on the team that is able to crack a joke at a moments notice and lighten the mood. Jacob, this is well deserved! Congratulations!!

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