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The Magic Of The Holiday Season

Our Hearts are Full

As the Holiday decor starts to go up around here, I am reminded of just how lucky we are to celebrate a holiday with our team and their families. Later this month we will gathered to eat, drink and be merry. And of course we will laugh and laugh some more.

But what I am most excited about is watching The Magic of Christmas come alive when the tiny kiddos that will be running around will stop dead in their tracks and stand still as Santa walks through the door.

See last year Santa stopped by, he came in and sat on the chair specifically for him! Each kiddo received a gift, as well as, magic reindeer food. He sat and spoke to each child and they told him what they wanted most for Christmas morning. As Santa nodded at each parent, he told each child he would do his best. Santa left to head back to the North Pole, and as he left the kids waved and wanted one last hug.

Seeing Christmas through a child eyes and heart is the most amazing thing.

The magic of Christmas was alive and well that night. I am sure that it will be the same in a couple of weeks. We are blessed and thankful for what this crazy year has given us. Soon we will be ready to bring on the New Year!

From our family to yours, we hope that you have a fabulous Holiday Season filled with lots of love, family, and friends. We hope that the New Year, 2023, is all that you need and want it to be.

Ringing In The New Year

Ringing in the New Year for some is one big shindig, others it is a quiet night at home celebrating it with family and/or friends.

Growing up we spent the New Year with my Mamaw and Papaw, we would all gather around the television and watch the festivities with Dick Clark hosting. When the new year rang in, we would open the front door and scream to the neighbors " Happy New Year" and bang on a pot or pan to make a loud noise. My mom and Mamaw would then open a can of sauerkraut and we would all have to take a bite for good luck in the new year. Needless to say I could only stomach a piece or two, while holding my nose, because that always works right? It's probably why I don't care for sauerkraut to this day. But those memories are some of the best. As us kids got older and started having kids of our own, we would just stay home, We still open the door and scream Happy New Year to our neighbors, but that is the extent of our craziness. I am a-ok with that!

Whatever your plans are, be safe! We can't wait to see you in 2023!


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