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What Makes a Good Team

When you were a kid and played for a sports team, what made your group strive? What is a team and what makes a team a good team? On the surface, a team is a group of people all working towards the same goal. At Brunner’s, our staff is one big unit all working towards one objective: satisfaction for our customers. There are many qualities that could benefit a team or yield a organization success. Some qualities of our team that help us prosper are good leadership, communication, resilience and courtesy.

A fantastic team roots from great leadership. The leaders of our squads act as captains. They guide and act as role models for their teammates. Regardless of how many mistakes a outfit makes, the leader will always stand by their members with pride. In addition, a captain will always praise their fellow team members. Captains devote themselves to their crew. They are never too busy to help out their teammates. Leaders should be the same way in an office or field setting.

A team cannot flourish without communication. In order to maintain stability and ensure the team is all working towards the same target, exceptional communication is vital. How can a team know its goal unless they frequently discuss their goals? An absence in communication will not end in triumph, only chaos.

Members of a remarkable troupe must have a very important quality, resiliency. A team with resiliency will never rest until they are successful and satisfied with their work. A successful team can accept criticism and be able to bounce right back and improve. Captains and members alike should be able to critique their teammates, but with that comes courtesy. The team must be courteous and respectful of one another’s time and being. In order to sustain amiable relationships among the team, the crew must all be courteous to one another.

As you can see, creating the perfect team is not simple. Each individual on the team must try and strive otherwise, the entire group falls. Every team member must be able to work towards the same objective through communication and teamwork. The team must be able to bounce back from critique and improve upon themselves. A great team also must be led by a great leader. Likewise, the team also must be courteous to one another. Given these points, Brunner’s is a great team.

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