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What's Going on at Brunners; Spring Clean Up; RockStars!

What's Going On At Brunner's

What's going on barflies?!

WOW! What a Winter this has been. After that last snow storm we are ready for mowing season. That was a long event and wore us out! We are so very thankful for the team we have; from the guys making sure things are working when our crews go out, to teams working in shifts so they can sleep, to dispatch. It was like a well oiled

machine. We are so very proud of these guys and how well they worked. It was exhausting hard work on little sleep.

Now, lets talk Spring - we are working hard to make sure our teams are ready, our equipment is up to par and filling spots that are available.

We have been working on mowers, leveling decks, making sure landscaping has what they need to be ready and checking trimmers and cleaning blowers. Next will be our trucks, removing salt boxes and plows.

We have been busy interviewing and hiring new team members to put the finishing touches on our crews. We want to make sure they have enough hands on deck to sling that mulch and mow that grass! We are looking forward to the new team members that will be joining us this coming season. They will be a great addition to our current team.


Spring Clean Up

Tis' the season for Spring Clean up. Who is excited for budding trees, flowers and green grass? We are! As we start to come out of Winters hibernation we have a few great tips for you.

Spring is fast approaching, and with it comes certain garden needs to focus on. As we enter March, and the temperatures slowly start to rise, you want to start cleaning up your flower beds. Uncover any perennials you have buried for the winter, some might even be starting to sprout already. Till up any open areas of your flower beds that you plan to put future plants or seeds in. Start thinking of what types of plants you are wanting to fill the rest of the bed space, and plan out what types of mulch you are going to be using. If interested in growing any ornamental grasses from seeds plant them now, they benefit from an early planting time if you want to see adequate growth in the first year. With that, we will be back at you again next month with other helpful garden tips for April!


ROCKSTARS of the Month!


March Rockstar of the months is: Bob

Bob (Robert Runyon) is a very dependable employee and is not afraid of tough situations. He started with Brunners in October of 2021, his attitude is always positive even during snow events, where sleep is minimal. Bob tends to be on the quiet side

but, Bob's crew leaders have great things to say about him, listen to what they have to say: "Bob has great attention to detail and picks up new things quickly and is a pleasure to be around. Bob is an unpolished gem and we are excited to see him blossom here at Brunners". Fun tidbit about Bob, he is a huge fan of Anime and loves to play video games.

Congratulation on Rockstar of the month, Bob! It is well deserved!

Well, It looks like we will have 2 Rockstars this month!

Rockstar of The Month

Each and every month we have to decide on the Rockstar of The Month here at Brunner’s. Each month it is a hard task because everyone could be recognized. But this month it was a simple and easy choice. This month we are choosing Libby DuChesne!

Before Brunner’s, Libby was a part owner of Fox Shooting Loft in Fairborn. Due to bad circumstances they had to close. At this point we reached out to Libby to take over as Office Manager here at Brunner’s. Starting October 2021, Libby has taken the Brunner’s core values by storm. Libby is absolutely amazing and helps out any way she can. To highlight Libby’s time at Brunner’s, she went out and bought snacks, meals, drinks, waters and so much more to make sure the team was fueled for the recent snow storm we had. She stayed up and helped the team dispatch, recorded times, and answered any and all questions regarding snow removal/ ice during this brutal storm.

Each and every employee at Brunner’s truly appreciates Libby and everything she does. She is truly a rock star.

(pictured is Libby with her husband John)

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