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Why Focus on Customer Service

We have all played a role in customer service. Whether one is the consumer or the service provider, we all know that customer service is crucial in order to maintain a successful business. That being said, what really is customer service? Is it doing the bare minimum to keep a client happy? Or is it doing absolutely anything to assure clients are satisfied? Brunner’s relies on three simple, yet critical principles in order to provide stellar customer service: integrity, dependability and respect.

Integrity is pivotal within our business. At Brunner’s Lawn and Services, our staff promises to always do the right thing, even when no one is around. We always assure our clients we will provide a quality service through our skill and knowledge and we expect to be held to that standard. That is why we never take advantage of our client’s ignorance in landscaping. Our staff always takes the opportunity to continuously inform clients and provide them knowledge. In order to have true customer service, we must assure our clients we have integrity in our work and they can trust us.

Our business greatly relies on dependability for our clients. Our customers need to know that we will provide an accurate service done at an efficient pace. Many of our clients are commercial companies and they have many priorities. Our customers depend on us to make sure their lawn is done to their standards. Our staff will not be happy until the customers are happy, and our clients can rely on that. Dependability plays a large role in what we call customer service.

Most of all, customer service thrives off of respect. Our customers are always treated respectfully. We respect our clients’ ideas and opinions and are always willing to do what our clients ask of us. Respect for our clients is the most important part of our business and we hold ourselves to such. We do not expect respect from our customers, we earn it. We promise to be kind and to give our clients our undivided attention. Respect is the focal point of customer service at Brunner’s.

Here at Brunner’s, customer service revolves around our staff having integrity, being reliable and being respectful. We always promise that our customers can trust our skill. Our clients can also depend on us to be efficient, punctual and not problematic. Above all, we give our clients our utmost respect, always. Through these concepts, we take on the vow to always provide remarkable customer service.

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